CALM : Feel Relaxed & Enjoy a Sense of Peace
CALM : Feel Relaxed & Enjoy a Sense of Peace
CALM : Feel Relaxed & Enjoy a Sense of Peace
CALM : Feel Relaxed & Enjoy a Sense of Peace

CALM : Feel Relaxed & Enjoy a Sense of Peace

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Take Calm to help nurture your perfect inner balance. This is the better way to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. The world will look like a much more peaceful place to you after you experience the delicious effects of Calm. Feel great and be great.

FELT EFFECTS: Sense of peace and relaxation. Non drowsy.

OCCASION: Any time when you want to unwind and relax. Equally great for in-between work meetings or to celebrate the end of the day.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Kava, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, Milky Oat, Mimosa Tree, Skullcap, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Schisandra


This popular herb (Piper methysticum) comes to us from the islands of Polynesia, where it has long been a favorite social beverage that reliably promotes mental and physical relaxation. Kava’s famous calming effects have been studied extensively for switching off those wound-up thoughts that just won’t quit. Scientific research has identified a group of constituents called kavalactones which are key to this herb’s soothing effects. Let the magic of Kava support your wellbeing and promote better rest!

Lemon Balm
Named after the beloved honeybee, Melissa officinalis gently calms the mind and helps you to release all kinds of stress, promoting smooth sailing and a positive outlook on life. This herb has a special affinity for the nervous system and is a time-honored restorative that balances mood, mind and spirit. As it soothes those racing thoughts, it also helps relax the uncomfortable body tension that can build up after a stressful day. Lemon Balm was the favorite herb of the famous “Father of Modern Medicine,” Paracelsus, and it is still widely respected by today’s practitioners.

Holy Basil / Tulsi
This amazing herb sharpens your awareness while clearing and calming your mind. As its name suggests, it has long been understood as a sacred herb in Ayurvedic tradition – a Rasayana, or restorative and life-enhancing tonic of the highest order. Sometimes called the “Elixir of Life,” Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) has been thoroughly studied and verified by modern science as a stress-releasing and creativity-enhancing herb with balanced uplifting and calming activity and antioxidant power that protects and supports the nervous system. 

Milky Oat
The elegant Oat (Avena sativa) has a special stage where its developing seed is ‘milky.’ For only a few days of the year, the young seed exudes a rich, creamy fluid packed with constituents that gently restore balance to a stressed-out nervous system through support, nourishment, and deep healing. Known as the premiere ‘nervine restorative’ to botanical physicians, Milky Oat has long been favored in any situation with chronic mental strain or nervous exhaustion. Let the rich, soothing support of Milky Oat help you return to a balanced and calm experience of daily life.

Mimosa Tree Bark
A traditional favorite, the Mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin) gives you an instant dose of feel-good energy that invites your mind and heart on a peaceful walk in nature where you can enjoy the beauty of life! Also known as the Persian Silk Tree, this lovely herb calms the spirit, uplifts the heart, and brings gentle joy back the mind. Its ability to help you release all kinds of stress and to free stuck emotions helps you to regain and sustain a calm, balanced attitude.

This appropriately-named herb, known scientifically as Scutellaria lateriflora, is the perfect companion for Milky Oats and the other herbs in our formula. Skullcap is another highly regarded nervine restorative herb that focuses on relaxing and supporting the brain and enhancing cognitive function. While smaller doses of Skullcap are neuroprotective, relaxant and restorative, larger doses can be extra calming and inviting of sleep! In the Calm formula, just the right amount of this active herb synergistically helps to restore a balanced mind, heart and spirit.

A greatly respected Ayurvedic herb, Withania somnifera has the unique power to reduce stress and enhance relaxation, while also restoring energy in both body and mind. Known as a relaxant adaptogen, Ashwagandha supports mental focus, enhances concentration, and calms racing thoughts. The name ‘Ashwagandha’ is traditionally associated with the powers of the horse: while some say it gives one the strength of a horse (or that it smells like a horse), others believe the name recalls the animal’s ability to sense a challenge, respond powerfully, then immediately relax when the situation resolves: a kind of instinctual mental and emotional flexibility that we could use more of as busy modern humans!

A beloved herb of Chinese tradition, the Five Flavor Berry has a unique aromatic profile that enlivens any formula – a real spice of life! Known scientifically as Schisandra chinensis, this little red berry is revered as a calmly energizing superfood that protects and empowers both body and mind. Schisandra is traditionally understood as a Shen tonic, one that supports the free circulation of balanced energy in the heart/mind/spirit. Schisandra is truly a harmonizing adaptogen, weaving together the powers of the other herbs to relax, support and balance your experience of life!

Organic Monk Fruit is used as a sweetener (no sugar or stevia at all). Organic Apple Cider Vinegar added for health benefits and taste. We also added a touch of Citric Acid (naturally occurring in Lemons) for the taste.

Herbal constituents are extracted with organic vegetable glycerin and organic cane alcohol (under 0.5% ABV per serving — which is a legal threshold for non alcoholic beverages, same as kombucha)

30 day no questions asked refund in case you're not entirely happy for any reason.

Why HighSub

All-natural, Zero Sugar or Artificial flavors.

All HighSub formulas begin with carefully selected organic or wildcrafted herbs.The only sweetener we use is the organic Monk Fruit extract. For flavor we add a touch of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and our special blend of botanic extracts. It's way more difficult to formulate this way, but your health is more than worth it.

The balance of taste and efficacy

We're paving the way for healthy concentrates that you make into drinks. We work really hard to achieve both great taste and the effects you experience from the herbs.

In-house production

We carefully oversee the entire process from botanic extraction to bottling, labeling and shipping. Because of our process we are able to control all little details to ensure you get the best product possible. For materials that we don't produce in-house we rely on trustworthy & state-of-the-art production of our reliable partners.

Create botanic drinks with effects you can feel

Works with sparkling water, but possibilities are endless.


I love how quick and easy it is to create a delicious botanic drink! My friends love it, too.


HighSub is a perfect replacement for alcohol and here's why: it's not trying to simulate the taste or the effect of alcohol, it's not some chemical powder, the taste is very pleasant, you can make amazing drinks quickly and experience the effects. Uplift and Think are my favorite formulas.


High Sub was exactly what I needed for my alcohol break. I was able to complete my month long detox and now that it's over, I am still using HighSub to turn down drinks more often while still having fun!


Uplift is my favorite! I drink it almost every day and feel an instant boost in my mood. After using it for about a month I noticed that my mood is more stable and overall vitality stronger.


HighSub gives me a pleasant elevated state so that I can be on the same wavelength as the people still drinking alcohol. You've really got to try it to believe it.


It has a kick. In a good way.