Let's face it, drinking alcohol to feel relaxed or joyous is so last century.
Just like the arrival of the electric car is making fossil fuels a thing of the past, the desire for good health and a growing awareness of nature's secrets for achieving wellness are making distilled spirits less attractive.

Growing numbers of people just like you have let it be known that they crave a healthier, more natural way to relax, socialize, and have fun with friends.

They want the power to improve their lives, not be captive to anything undermining.

They want fun without the consequences. For that, there's the artisan botanic drink mixes we call HighSub.

HighSub nurtures and safeguards your healthy lifestyle while letting you enjoy social fun that's free of all the familiar problems alcohol can cause.

You know the problems. Hangovers. Blotchy skin. Mental confusion. Next-morning regrets. Loss of control. Physical injury, even.

The idea behind HighSub is that you should be able to go to parties and gatherings for the pleasure of socializing with a glass in hand—and do so without worry.

We make HighSub elixirs from all-natural ingredients for that very reason, so you won't have to worry.

Botanics have been around for centuries. The knowledge of how to harvest various plants grown on farms or in the wild and then extract the magic contained within their constituent compounds makes it possible to produce essences that promote healing along with fun, relaxation, calm, deep thinking, better sleep, higher energy.

We tapped into the ancient knowledge of botanics and combined it with new technologies to create something uniquely wonderful for the modern world—a place where maintaining a connection to nature in the face of ever-advancing science becomes critically important.

HighSub can help you stay tied to nature.

With HighSub, you can create happiness, maintain presence, and enjoy well-being apart from alcohol.