Drink Ideas
a few options to get you up and running
A Kava drink reimagined.

• 2 cucumber slices (muddled)
• 2 jalapeno sliced (muddled)
• 8 mint leaves (muddled)
• 4mL of HighSub CALM (muddled )
• Fill with soda water
Uplifting spice

• 2 slices of jalapenos
•0.5oz lime juice
• 10z Ginger Beer
• HighSub UPLIFT
• Soda Water Fill
Orange Grove
A healthy screwdriver

• Orange Juice Fill
Think About It, Arnold
New memories of old arnold

• HighSub THINK
• 50% Lemonade
• 50% Black Tea
Designed for the Way You Live
Goes Where You Go
Take HighSub with you to the party, the bar, the office, any place thirst happens. The smallest size fits easily in your pocket or handbag. Just pull it out and mix yourself a glass of sheer delight.
Perfect for Home
Stylishly bottled HighSub in its largest size adds visual splash to your countertop. Comes with a pump top to make dispensing the right amount easy and to let you serve a crowd quickly.
Artisan Crafted without Compromise
Pure. Natural.
All HighSub formulas begin with carefully selected organic, non-GMO herbs. They head straight to you free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, added sugars, and harmful chemicals. We put a premium on purity because so do you.
No animal products. No glutten. They're not contained in our botanic mixes, which makes them compatible with vegan lifestyles and pretty much all others. We crafted these formulas to support good health the way you choose to achieve it.
Maximum Potency.
There are no binders or fillers in HighSub formulas, nothing to interfere with the beneficial nutrients each serving delivers to your body. And because those ingredients are so pure, you absorb them more completely and with greater biologic efficiency.
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