Eleuthero, Cordyceps, Maca, Rhodiola, Red Ginseng, Schisandra, Ginger, Black Pepper

Organic Monk Fruit is used as a sweetener (no sugar or stevia at all). Organic Apple Cider Vinegar added for health benefits and taste. We also added a touch of Citric Acid (naturally occurring in Lemons) for the taste.

Herbal constituents are extracted with organic vegetable glycerin and organic cane alcohol (under 0.5% ABV per serving — legal threshold for non alcoholic beverages, same as kombucha

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Simply mix HighSub with sparkling water and you got yourself a delicious botanic drink with effects within seconds. A bottle of HighSub goes a long way!
Basically, anything carbonated will do (kombucha, soda, etc). Teas and juices work, too!
read on to find out why we selected these particular herbs
Eleutherococcus senticosus

Generations of Indigenous Siberians were definitely on to something when they depended on this stimulating adaptogen for strength and stamina while hunting and trekking through the Arctic. Proven by decades of research and more than 3,000 scientific studies (and favored by Olympic athletes and astronauts) Eleuthero is one of the most reliable and sustainable energy tonics in the botanical world. Formerly called Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero increases concentration, supports endurance, builds vitality and performance, and empowers immunity and resilience to stress … all while energizing your days and juicing up your nights. You can count on Eleuthero to help you to bounce right back in the morning!
Cordyceps militaris

This amazing mushroom, traditionally favored by mountain people in the high Himalayas of Tibet, Nepal, and China, has a remarkable ability to help the body utilize its energy sources at a higher level of organization and efficiency. Extensive scientific study of this valuable herb has established its premier position as a stimulating adaptogen that lights up awareness and brainpower, supports oxygenation and respiratory health, and boosts stamina and endurance. Elite athletes are in the know as they increasingly embrace Cordyceps to achieve peak performance and to optimize recovery.
Lepidium meyenii

Long revered in the Andes mountains of South America, Maca root has a well-known rejuvenative effect, helping to build the blood, enhance core stamina and energy, and re-balance the hormones. As it renews the body with its rich supply of nutrients and detoxification-enhancing phytochemicals, it supports recovery from daily fatigue and builds resilience in the face of ongoing stress. Let Maca help empower the vital functions of your body and mind as you achieve deep nourishment and optimal metabolism!
Rhodiola rosea

In the ancient highlands of Siberia and Scandinavia, Indigenous hunters and travelers treasured the Golden Root to help them survive and thrive under harsh conditions. Not only does this powerful herb support stamina and determination, but it also helps uplift our attitudes and build energy and enthusiasm for both work and play. Uplevel your day with this delicious herb – also known as Rose Root – as its unique flavor and aroma perfectly complement the other adaptogens in the Energize formula.
Red Ginseng
Panax ginseng

Known in Chinese medicine as the King of Herbs, Red Ginseng is the most warming, stimulating, and invigorating form of this long-revered adaptogen. From deep rejuvenation and sustenance of youth to smooth stimulation of both mind and body, Red Ginseng delivers its superpowers with agility and grace. Embrace the astounding health benefits of this botanical wonder with joy and respect - and be careful not to overuse this potent herb or you might just find yourself missing out on your beauty sleep!
Schisandra chinensis

A beloved herb of Chinese tradition, the Five Flavor Berry has a unique aromatic profile that enlivens any formula – a real spice of life! Known scientifically as Schisandra chinensis, this little red berry is revered as a calmly energizing superfood that protects and empowers both body and mind. Schisandra is traditionally understood as a Shen tonic, one that supports the free circulation of lively energy in the heart/mind/spirit. Modern herbalism considers it to be one of the best herbs for increasing long-term endurance, improving circulation, enhancing nutrition and digestion, supporting detoxification and clearing liver-related fatigue. Schisandra is truly a harmonizing adaptogen, weaving together the powers of the other herbs to Energize your life!


Just a touch of this warming herb balances the Energize formula and really lets the sunshine in. Traditional herbalism considers Ginger to be both calming and stimulating: like a relaxed yet animated conversation with friends. Sometimes understood as a catalyst that sparks a formula to life, Ginger can do the same for us on an energetic level – helping us to awaken and move forward with a renewed sense of vitality and joy. At the same time Ginger helps open and stimulate the circulation and enhances digestion and absorption of nutrients to further support energy on a deep cellular level.

Black Pepper
Piper nigrum

A tiny bit of surprisingly delicious Black Pepper oil warms and enhances our lively formula by boosting absorption of the active constituents and making them more bioavailable to the body and brain. Pepper's mild buzz acts as a catalyst to put the final touch on the amazingly energizing blend of supportive and enlightening adaptogens in the Energize formula!

Artisan Crafted without Compromise
Pure. Natural.
All HighSub formulas begin with carefully selected organic, non-GMO herbs. They head straight to you free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, added sugars, and harmful chemicals. We put a premium on purity because so do you.
No animal products. No glutten. They're not contained in our botanic mixes, which makes them compatible with vegan lifestyles and pretty much all others. We crafted these formulas to support good health the way you choose to achieve it.
Maximum Potency.
There are no binders or fillers in HighSub formulas, nothing to interfere with the beneficial nutrients each serving delivers to your body. And because those ingredients are so pure, you absorb them more completely and with greater biologic efficiency.
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